I gather to me this morning a prompt by the lovely Jill Badonsky, my creativity coach.  It is a simple prompt that stirs me up in a mostly gentle sorta way.


“I notice”


I notice I feel over fed and fat after Christmas dinner.

I woke clenching my newly developing belly role

I notice that that feeling is subversive and gets in the way of my joy.

Breathe it away.


I notice that feeling the quiet gets noisy with a busy mind

Too much of the download of busy keeps the upload of peace away

I notice that I’m busy seeking peacefulness

Be the peace


I notice the rich smell of coffee wafting up my nose

Sippy the rush into this morning body

I notice my mouth is full of French roast

A gentle race of awakening


I notice that I’m sad for not noticing more of the ‘Shift’ of 21/12/12

Realizing it’s about the inner shift of my consciousness evolving

I notice that even tho’ I ‘get that’ I wanted my star family to make appearances

Releasing disappointment


I notice my little dog aging and rallying for minutes at a time in joy

Wanting to not be too busy else where to notice his charms

I notice my dismissiveness and seek to dismiss it

Find joy in the sweet, small things of life


I notice the crisp whip of winter’s breath up my nose

freezing the little hairs on an inhale

I notice that I want my body warm and safe

Embracing the season


I notice the steel blue of the lake as the swans ease through the coming freeze

Glad to be tucked into the warmth of the house and the lights of the Christmas tree

I notice how the steel blue is dark to the left and hues to a cold pale grey across the lake

Wanting more Sun


I notice that I notice life’s pulse all the time and mostly move too fast to allow the sensorial of it in

Slow down.  slow down.

What do you notice?






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2 responses to “I NOTICE

  1. Fillandra

    I can tell you two things 🙂 The 12-21-12 shift was just the beginning (also heard that 12-29-12 is much more important) and you get closer to your star family with every breath you take 🙂
    Oh, and a third thing: I like your post 🙂
    Lots of Love


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