The white blanket is a comfort.  Swaddled over the land like Jesus in the manger.

That chill of surprised safety that comes being tucked in at night in a strange land

Surround by the familiar that casts winter over the bare naked of you when you need it most

That carries the permeable heat of the flame in the hearth from the heart radiant over you.


Feeling warm in the questionable wonder of how this winter blanket gives shelter and protection

And here it is all blank and austere called forth by the season to give rest to the land

Gives silence and a deep peace to the slow liquid pulse of the inner being-ness of life

Settled in, rooted to this land that gives of herself, in the hot and dry, freeze and wet.


Snow invites the promise of Spring green laid snowflake upon snowflake to the land

For her safety and comfort in the quiet time, with no right or wrong of it, with no regret.

No challenge, for the journey is perfect as it is when silence reminds you of the promise

And with your roots buried deep and you core flame fed gently, your greening is guaranteed



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