Dease Lake and Grandpa’s visit

The Dease Lake… Back again for the New Year and the Full Moon. We wait on the snow to snuggle us in and make for winter play.  NO go in the thin layer of white puff that dead grass sticks up through.

 I laughed instead of howled last night with the family fest gathering and the assorted stories that find there way to the shared telling.  Ghostly stories of spirits visitations and odd phenomena held our attention in the late afternoon.  The kids made many ‘ooos and ahha’.  There were several, “Don’t you dare visit me when you die, I’ll be really pissed off.”  Or… “I don’t understand how that can happens.”  or.. “I NEVER want that to happen to me.”

I say, ‘Ya well, get ready for it, and be sure to ask if you can help their discarnate selves cross over, rather than run out the door screaming in terror of something that can’t hurt you.’  

Kids.  So… that got the evening rolling.  

A streak of snow

A streak of snow


Grandpa Beier stood at the end of my bed

All young and fresh looking, glowing 

with the backdrop of light and figure shadows

A smile spread like the Cheshire

With a wink and a nod of ‘you know me’

Which I did as I quivered with excitement.


Mind to mind in the wordless moment

Of ‘Yes, I’m doing fine. It’s beautiful.’

The assurance of Light and life everlasting

Wide eyed with my sit up straight in bed 

Can hardly believe my eyes kinda look.

Realizing a little tear trickled down my cheek


He shimmered away taking that grin

And all the light away while I sat there thrilled

Blinking in the wonder of it with the knowing

That Grandpa was doing well and everyone

was behind him shadow dancing their joy

With me looking on as the night took me back in






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