Found Language…

As the year comes to a close, and my family gathers at The Dease for fun and cheer, I gather the ‘one liners’ that roll off their lips as they buzz and chat away, laughing and enjoying each other.  I invited Sarah and Katie to also gather them and come this evening we will share what got said for some evening entertainment.

Always in a group, there is one somebody that has the gift of funny with their words and somehow manages to string sentences like no other that send us all to giggles.  As funny as all of us can be,(we’re a funny lot) Randie, is the man for the morning hahas’.  Really, Randie has a special gift of off handed humor that is rare.   It seems to be becoming shared by his eldest and it’s likely the youngest will find his way to the tradition.  The day has only just begun.  Let the one liners roll.

Christmas at The Dease 2012 frost on the car window

Strings of words gathered like colored lights

Wrap us like a Christmas tree in their twinkle

with festive good cheer that catches the lights off

our clear eyes while feasting our ears on each word


Rainbow stands of  exaggeration hold us to the teller

for the pot at the end holds every story that needs telling

In the gold drenched glory of remembering

Pulled in spontaneously for our unwrapping


We wear our ribbons around our neck and the bows

our jester’s hat filling up with memories to be retold

In the not to long from now in our next gathering

Grateful for how family washes clean, leaving us full of our colors


Rising our Light high in and for the praise of the story

Wearing our colored lights, and ribbons and bows

that bear our traditions worthy of repeating again and again

Passing the strings of words from one to other in the ever after









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  1. Lindsay

    Just love this Jeanne! My dad was the master of funny sayings, and I never even noticed til I moved abroad and then lived in California before moving back to Arkansas to live there for several years in my early twenties. I was astounded at the things he would say. When he was weary: “I’m tireder than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest!!!” And dozens more. Good for you and your nieces, collecting them. I wish I’d done the same before my father died. xoxo


  2. Linda Chapman

    Wonderful, joyful, lovely!


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