Gathering closure as the year finds her end.

Sitting in the chat of family in front of the fire.

Challenged  in the distraction; ears pulled by conversation.



There is not resolute to what already is

As the new year readies to raise it’s cup

And the ball rises to drop for it’s final fall


In the bringing call of a declared new beginning

When what comes to mind and heart in this final hour

Is what was and wasn’t for the year that passes into shadow


Celebrating the joy and sorrows in the reminiscences

Calculating the year to come with intent and resolve

Hopeful of the prosper and goodness to caress possibilities


Charge up the light to come with full beam ahead

For the clear passage of what might unfold in our desire

Pushing the shadow of before and what might come


Out into the Light before the incredulous surprise

That living moment to moment is the only resolve

De-solves the fear of what was done and what might come


In the what it is right now for your filling up on

No matter the hope and intent, the resolve in the resolute

Make the gather of your tomorrows in the pleasure of your now


In the goodness and kindness of your seconds

In the care and comfort of your moment to moment

In the heart and mind free of what is dark or light


Or wrong or right when the highest good is called forth

And the only resolution is to go beyond fear

Be Love, Be loved, Be the love you wish to see and feel


What IS… is Love.  Be resolute in your Love


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