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The weather drives like a school bus

Big and yellow, formidably containing

It’s little treasures of sun and snow

All busy in flurries and sunshine chatter

On the way to educational elemental experiences

that change with every volatile bump

On the road to knowledge

There’s talk of the weather here and there

In global contrasts and agreements

Hoping to figure it all out with nature

And God and the people who want to fix it

Try to fix the weather in a school bus

Filled with every season in the storm and calm

In the capricious shift and change within us all

Like today; frigid, bitter wind, and snowy

Yesterday was sporting 55 and pouring rain

There’s days like that, minutes like that

In the seasonal thrust of living like you mean it

In the variable experience  of your expressed weather

When the forecast was sunny, hot, and humid

When the truth storms out in a tidal wave

The weather will drive you like a school bus

Whether you’re passenger, driver, or watching

It drive by from almost to the bus stop.

Whether you like it or not on any given day

You have weather choices to make inside

Let the outside take care of itself.

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This poem is a prompt from the lovely Jill Badonsky, my creativity coach teacher.

She asked that we pick an event in our lives and let it find it’s importance in a prose, poetic, sorta way.

This was a very significant event in my life.  It lead to the first most embarrassing experience of my life.  I have had a few…

This was fun to write this morning.  It just sorta fell outta me. I hope you enjoy it.

Me  1956 pink dress blk n white


On more Rah Rah and a sky high cheerleader jump

To Earth was my skirt round my feet in a slump

White cotton girls slip and white round collar blouse

Imprisoned am I in the brown plaid serpent of the gym house


300 hundred, a thousand, a million eyes all on me

Standing there in silence with my skirt  past my knees

The sixth grade basket ball game came to a screeching halt

For me in slow motion trying to figure how to get out


Of standing in the center of this gym floor all alone

With a million, gaggilion people staring at my little girl bones

The silence was deafening, my horror was bold

When the crowd in the bleacher stood with their cheers in a loud roll


All over my body the roar trembled from head to feet

The cheering and laughing closed in to my narrowing defeat

I shivered and quivered and grabbed at that snake

Quietly laying round my feet so damn sedate


It hissed and shimmied and gave in with relent

Only to meet at my knees as I shuffled and went

Past the crowd cross that shiny miles of gym floor

Desperate to get to that far away exit door


The family, the friends the entire school had come

To witness the joy of this small town’s homecoming fun

And me with my Rah and cheer a snake at my feet

Embarrassed beyond whether the boys won or got beat


Trembling beyond anything I had ever known

Huddled by the door with the millions and feeling alone

All eyes were on me now what was I at last to do

They’d all stopped their cheering afraid for my boo hoo


From somewhere deep inside me I certainly don’t know

A riotous laughter was bubbling and ready to show

Before all these people, before I had any clue

Out of my mouth loud laughter it flew


A little hysteria, maybe a little ingenue

It was funny, ridiculous, I had no boo hoo

The crowd joined me in laughter and wowed me  sublime

The sixth grade boys wouldn’t forgive me for taking their time


Selfish boys they do that cause they must

I was the center of the that homecoming fuss

My cheerleading ways they ended that day

It wasn’t the path for my bohemian way


Girls like me didn’t take to the cheerleading cheer

My joy was exulted in my journey for there to here

Many a Rah, a cheer, and a hoot tootie toot toot

I’m friends with that serpent that laid my skirt to my boots

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Aaah… well the weirdness with the weather continues.  Record high temp  in Jackson, MI. 59.  wwwwooooo.  And it’s raining hard here at almost 40.  By thursday it will be 25, snowing, with a windchill that will freeze the hairs in your nose.

Nature wins.

My personal weather report:  mellow, a rumble in the tummy, my knee is an annoyance, sippy the coffee, like the sound of rain hitting the roof, made an event page for an art show in my salon in Feb., sitting here with you, letting the weirdness of weather, knee pain, and global madness not interact with my goodness quotient.  Be Here Now.


Whether the weather wishes to wind you

In whirls of worry with world wide weather

Why not will the wonderful of no worry at all?


Change your choice and chide away confusion

Conflict as a choice causes constant self criticism

Choose confections that celebrate co-creation


The weather you will within your self wisdom

Can create copious continual celebratory choices

Why would we will woeful wishes when we want world wide well-being?



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MIDNIGHT BLOOM…a poem for Jackie

Happy Birthday Jackie.  I still hold you in my heart as family.  Joy and wonder, and peace to you..

This photo is of one of Jackie’s watercolours.  Beautiful.




Petal white soft to heart in the midnight hours

Blooms with pages that hold to stories told

With shared create we remember always

The tender of friendship that we hold


To paper we give our lyrics

In colors that bare our souls

We open pure in the art of giving

To speak from our hearts that unfold


Time has no time in what is always

Flowers give because they must

White soft bloom in the midnight hour

Friendship goes beyond the ash of us




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I was asked by one of my online teachers, Christine, from Abbey of the Arts, to consider a word to dedicate to this year.  A word that might embrace a feeling I have, or need to deepen in.  A word that might challenge me, or call me out to me to pay attention to.  A word that gives play and intention to my daily practice of breathing and Being Here Now.

For me, it was about what calls to me, to ‘own’ in my daily journey, to remind me of what will bring me ‘home’.  Tho’ I do believe I am already ‘home’ at the deepest heart of myself, I don’t always have a sense of that in the busy of the world around and within me.  Living is such a distraction and all of you are so interesting.

I chose the word,  ‘Stillness’.  Maybe it chose me.  What I can tell you about the feeling that rises for me when I think of stillness, is how hard it feels to embrace it.  I have lots of wonderful idea about what ‘stillness’ is and how important it feels to be in my life.   I can think myself in and out of stillness very adeptly.

Winter stillness goes like this….  It looks like an entire forest ladened with snowy branches and hardly a track on the snow covered carpet.   It tastes like a lick laid down on the heavy snow that bears down a pine branch.   It feels like me laying down on that carpet of a gagillion snowflakes and making an angel in slow motion.  All of it rests in my thinking about it, imagining what that quiet ‘stillness’ might be.

Can I be still, undisturbed, calm, tranquil?  Good Lord, why did I pick ‘stillness’?  Choice can be changed.  I tried, sort of.     Some stubborn, tenacious part of me refused to make another choice.  Stick with that word, ‘stillness’, see where it lead you. See what comes up for 365 days of absorbing what it is or isn’t.  Maybe, find the stillness that connects me deeper to my spiritual journey.  Ok Ok… Alright already.  Stillness it is.

snow angel


Stillness calls for my stewardship

Tells of times once remembered

In the ever beat of my heart’s desire

Longing to live in peaceful countenance

Listening deep beyond the idle chatter

Nearing my quest for home remembering

Ever present when I give myself to quietude

Simple in the ever presence of breathing

Stillness gives it watch over me


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My first visit in Cyberspace this morning was to a blog that I enjoy by a young woman named Bella.   This is actually her brand new blog.  It’s significantly different from her previous blog and still she is a woman that is full of heart and she brings that into her new blog.

What she reminded me of for my first filling up with thoughts and feeling this morning is, keeping an Open Heart.  Not new information, or something I don’t consider daily, more that she is another touch stone for that remembering to move through life with an Open Heart.    As well as to allow in the experience of creating a loving, positive, joyful life in the good ol’ Be Here Now.  Ya’ll know how I love my Be here Now.

Imagine your life an endless wonder of creative force that you allow to move through and with you?  Limited only by our thoughts.  Certainly, physical limitation may curtail some of that physical creative force, and a heart open and mind centered on positive reality, considering always the ‘highest good’, still has the ability to maintain and hold great joy and incredible body/mind/spirit well being.

So, when I write all the things that roll out of me here on these pages, it is my way of remembering who I really am and have always been.  “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”  And, I get to choose how to have that no matter the physical consequence of my being here.  I choose Love, being challenged every day to see if I really mean it.

Right now IS all there is.    I choose Love over fear.

Choose me...

All thoughts matter in the matter of things; in the manifestation of everything

you see is a thought and your eyes behold it.

Look around at all the creations that someone thought up and now you either use it,

or want it, or feast your eyes on it’s incredibleness.

There is no mystery to the choice of seeing beauty to the choice of holding pain

Choice is endless and abundant.

Even in the choices that struggle for the feel good to wrap yourself around

Another choice opens to a new set of choice and so on

As you find your way to your heart’s opening and strip away the negative container

That you made up in some choice in the long ago to hold you

Scrap that negative thinking and fear of what isn’t and might be in the later on.

Give it up to the wind or, the sea, or to Source, or to the fire to burn it away.

This moment holds your highest and greatest good. Here … NOw.




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With the bitter cold comes a bitter cold.  Stormed on in to my body battering all my edges and forming a tunnel of attractive snot in, around, and through my face, and ears and… Rest.  Rest.  Letting it have it’s course, treating it with tea and ginger, Chicken soup, AirBorn, and more of all of that.


Batten down the hatches mates. Check the supplies

The storm, she be a raging and that ain’t no lie

She thinks she gonna take ya.

She thinks yer gonna die

Batten down those hatches mates

If ya wanna stay alive


She’s a wicked little bitch, she is, raging her stormy sea

Bringing in the drownin’ waves where ever you may be

She be pourin’ through your senses

She be pullin’ you to your knees

She’s a wicked little bitch, she is

She got a wicked hold on me


Let no offense be taken. It’s what she can’t help to be

This wicked little storm bitch owns the deep blue sea

She shares her angry moments

She goes viral for a gift to thee

Give no offense my maties

Fill up on vitamin ‘C’




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