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contemplative haiku

Hiya… I’m back from the north, where there is more snow here than there.  mmmm.   Just plain freezing cold without the beauty and wonder of a snowy landscape.  Kinda weird.

Last night when I settled into being home I went to one of the Websites I visit, Abbey of the Arts.  www.abbeyofthearts.com.  Christine has a way of sharing herself and her spirituality that touches me.  Her God is an inclusive God. She has a tender way of expressing herself that touches my heart and her Path is very inviting to me.  She practices the ‘contemplative arts’.    This week she sent out a poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Persian mystic.  I share it with you.

Just sit here

Right Now

Don’t do a thing

Just rest

For your separation

from God

is the hardest work

in the world




It has only been in the last year or so that I can feel any comfort in using ‘God’ in my conversations about my spirituality.  God for me has always been very patriarchal and Christian exclusive.  Not very inclusive of what, for me, is the Oneness of All things.   I like to use, Source, Oneness, Goddess, Spirit, and now I can include God and not feel the restriction I have felt most of my life.  It’s a good thing.  I feel more inclusive myself now that I don’t shudder hearing and using God within a conversation.

Her classes our lovely and I hope to take another in the near future.  I DO wish to find a more contemplative life.




Centered, still, quiet

Rest in the silence of heart

Spirit awaits you


Hear snowflakes falling

Quiet is the greet to Earth

Soft blanket to land


Yield to silence call

Make way for heart to hear deep

Listen as God speaks


Include it All ways

Choose the lightness of living

Be at peace with you







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