Stillness in this Sunday night.  Very little TV these days.  Maybe a few computer games.

Reading sundries on line that speak to life’s journeys; that speak to how some people perceive the nature of themselves in relationship to the nature of their exchange spiritually, emotionally, physically, in the world within and around themselves.

I’m drawn to these stories of life’s poetics and not so very poetically shared; isolated ramblings, joyful epitaphs, confused word etchings, wonderings and wanderings, channelings and intuitive surmises, all manner of perceptions caught in hopefulness, longing, and desire.

I’m essentially nosy.  Curious is probably a kinder application to my googling and blogging. ( Surely, I’m an APP for that).  How I find my way to another and then another, till I’ve read all kinds of observations, pronunciations, explicative, and exclamatories of how to make this world and relationships more peaceful and loving.

I read of the fatigue of living life under duress and stress, disappointment and want, hungry for a kinder peaceful world.  I read of great joy and incredible insights that are found in the simplest of things, so everyday, so seemingly mundane, yet filled with the sacred ritual of waking, making coffee, feeding the pets, smelling the morning air; happy for the moment in peace, in stillness held to the heart perfectly.  So very perfectly.

It’s not that I wish to be clingy to a story of someone championing their way through life’s difficult travails, feeding on the shear wonder and amazement of their triumph, and I do.  I let their triumph fill me up, and I take that feeling and plunge with it into my day.  Because some days someone else’s great joy and light caresses the dim corners of my life.  In those moments of when the pale dawn rises behind the clouds and I need a little bit of someone else’s story to be a reminder; that Life is Good, and success is in my own making.  And You too, can be a champion of your moments.

In this still Sunday night, as I gather the last of the day, and make words for this blog to send out to the world,  I breathe even and steady.  I imagine the world and all of us filled with peace and joy.  That one beautiful success reminds another of their simple beautiful successes and another and another, in a circle chant of wise souls uniting in gratitude for these simple successes.


Stillness gathering

A breeze of triumphant joy

Inhaling the Light

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One response to “STILLNESS GATHERING… a haibun

  1. Linda Chapman

    Morning meditation has been coming more easily to me…. your haiku captures the feeling so well!


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