The count down begins… 7 days to my birthday.  I do my best to not shudder at the age I have made all these decades to, and embrace this chronology as a gift of living and Being.  There’s wisdom in these bones, and in this heart.




Gravity pulls hard

Thank God I like being close to the Earth

Still asking the heavens to pull my chin up

Not to ‘keep my chin up’ in that metaphorical way

Cause I do that against the pull.


Gravity pulls hard

My skin let’s the Polar say, have it’s way

Age has a way of bringing on the melt

Human Warming can’t be stopped

Not in this timeline of illusive shifts


Gravity pulls hard

It wins or we float away to the great beyond

Till the dust of us gives the Light of us up

Making a new star in the Milky Way

Drink it down to imbibe the Moon Shine


Gravity pulls hard

We are in the time of the line drawn this way

Choices bring their consequence in the round about

In the cycle of born again to make way for the dusty road

That layers our ending back to the elements.


Gravity pulls hard

I try not to listen to the hard pull on my ear

That speaks to the end of my days in this body

Tho’ I welcome the flight to the heights of the Infinite

When the call comes and gravity has no pull on me anymore





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