“Flow gracefully on the River of Life.”  What a pretty line and I stole it.  HAaaa.  I’m sure it’s been repeated in other venues and ‘stolen’ in its loveliness from other sources.  Who knows who was first to gather those words and lay them down so eloquently.

Skookumchuck Narrows, British Columbia.


Flow gracefully on the River of Life

Float beneath the Sun and clouds

Laze in the languid rapture of timelessness

Dive deep into the heart of your matters

Ride the waves and tides of life’s give and take


Tread not when the ease of the float gives no resistance

And the get to where you wish to go gathers in rapids

Let the visions of import stream past the have to dos

And the wander of your mind needs no point of view

Be with the sooth of the river in your heart’s harbor


Grace becomes the peace of a wanderer who is not lost

When the river widens and flows out to the great sea

Where no shore is seen in the coral horizon

And the trust of the flow holds it’s own safety

Beneath the vast sky and unseen below


Find grace in Life’s ebb and flow






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