For my Birthday today… Yep…today.  These are my wishes.

I was much younger then and couldn't help myself.

I was much younger then and couldn’t help myself.


Peace on Earth

Kindness as a daily practice

Unabashed laughter

At least one thing to be grateful for in the morning and before bed

Finding peace when peace is hard to find

Embracing what scares me to love my fear away.

Having more and more love fill me up

Inviting the opportunity for a like-minded companion in my life

Gather my poetry and get published

Love my body and make it happy

Find a place to volunteer my gifts

Laugh some more

Pray for more peace

Help light the dark corners

Move out of duality

STay in the moment

Stay in the moment

Stay in the frick’n’ moment

Laugh all that staying in the face

And stay there.

MInd-full breathing

Welcoming stillness

Expand my work opportunities

Not think it’s all about me

Detach from negative thinking

Walk in nature

Be my best self for the highest good of each moment

Be Light

Be lighter

Have some lightness of being

Shine my light

Lighten up

Put the light on

Laugh out loud often

Support more Joy everywhere

Be nice

Be Love

Love it up

Be Here NOw.






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3 responses to “MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST

  1. A lovely list. A lovely poem.


  2. Like your list. Happy Birthday 🙂 Um what are those things up your nose ?


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