And so it is that it’s sooo cold out there and the Sun shine brilliantly.  I’ll take the Sun anyway he wants to give on any day in the cold of winter.  Shine on…

winter white


Sunshine deceives the chill

The bitter cold cares little for Light

It will lay it’s winter down

This is the way of this season


I feed on the Sun in the cold

I gulp it in through my eyes

Fill up fast on it to rise

My emotional temperature


Up beyond the gray gloom

I harvest it into my breath

I harvest it into my skin

I harvest it for winter silence


Make my body safe and savor

The delicious glow as the wade

Through the gray days eats up

My Sunlight’s larder


And too soon my harvest of light

Must come from beyond the winter

Before the next Sunshine gives

Remembering the Light is more


Than the bath of that golden orb

That feeds the land and fills my eyes

Light rests in dark places

I only have to imagine it so



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