With the bitter cold comes a bitter cold.  Stormed on in to my body battering all my edges and forming a tunnel of attractive snot in, around, and through my face, and ears and… Rest.  Rest.  Letting it have it’s course, treating it with tea and ginger, Chicken soup, AirBorn, and more of all of that.


Batten down the hatches mates. Check the supplies

The storm, she be a raging and that ain’t no lie

She thinks she gonna take ya.

She thinks yer gonna die

Batten down those hatches mates

If ya wanna stay alive


She’s a wicked little bitch, she is, raging her stormy sea

Bringing in the drownin’ waves where ever you may be

She be pourin’ through your senses

She be pullin’ you to your knees

She’s a wicked little bitch, she is

She got a wicked hold on me


Let no offense be taken. It’s what she can’t help to be

This wicked little storm bitch owns the deep blue sea

She shares her angry moments

She goes viral for a gift to thee

Give no offense my maties

Fill up on vitamin ‘C’




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