Aaah… well the weirdness with the weather continues.  Record high temp  in Jackson, MI. 59.  wwwwooooo.  And it’s raining hard here at almost 40.  By thursday it will be 25, snowing, with a windchill that will freeze the hairs in your nose.

Nature wins.

My personal weather report:  mellow, a rumble in the tummy, my knee is an annoyance, sippy the coffee, like the sound of rain hitting the roof, made an event page for an art show in my salon in Feb., sitting here with you, letting the weirdness of weather, knee pain, and global madness not interact with my goodness quotient.  Be Here Now.


Whether the weather wishes to wind you

In whirls of worry with world wide weather

Why not will the wonderful of no worry at all?


Change your choice and chide away confusion

Conflict as a choice causes constant self criticism

Choose confections that celebrate co-creation


The weather you will within your self wisdom

Can create copious continual celebratory choices

Why would we will woeful wishes when we want world wide well-being?



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