The weather drives like a school bus

Big and yellow, formidably containing

It’s little treasures of sun and snow

All busy in flurries and sunshine chatter

On the way to educational elemental experiences

that change with every volatile bump

On the road to knowledge

There’s talk of the weather here and there

In global contrasts and agreements

Hoping to figure it all out with nature

And God and the people who want to fix it

Try to fix the weather in a school bus

Filled with every season in the storm and calm

In the capricious shift and change within us all

Like today; frigid, bitter wind, and snowy

Yesterday was sporting 55 and pouring rain

There’s days like that, minutes like that

In the seasonal thrust of living like you mean it

In the variable experience  of your expressed weather

When the forecast was sunny, hot, and humid

When the truth storms out in a tidal wave

The weather will drive you like a school bus

Whether you’re passenger, driver, or watching

It drive by from almost to the bus stop.

Whether you like it or not on any given day

You have weather choices to make inside

Let the outside take care of itself.

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