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SNOW PONIES… haibun/haiku

The last day of February.  Zoom, gone.   One more day closer to Spring.  Yeaaaah.



Winter lays the heaviest dang carpet of snow on the Earth.  It’s so wet, it’s nearly impossible to shovel.  So, I don’t and hope my car barrels through the mess, which it has been so far.

This kind of snow makes for good snowman.  I saw some kids down the street making a fort and another an igloo of some sort.  And two little snowwomen with a red scarfs and some goofy hat, protecting the driveway.   Kids love this kinda wetness.  I sure did.   All wet and shivering, blue lipped and proud of the snow sculpture in the front yard.

I use to make snow ponies.  Me and Cathy, my alley neighbor, would build our horses next to her garage; we’d polish them down to make them like ice sculpture, give them faces, and wrap cord around them like a halter and reins, cover them with blankets and pretend we were riding them like cowgirls.  We froze our asses off sitting there in all our pretend, having so much fun.  We were so proud of our ponies.

After more than an hour of being cold and happy, our teeth clattering in our mouthes, we’d come in to one of houses to sip on coco to warm up.  These memories make the dense wet of this snow and all the branches down,  messing up yards and cars, seem trivial to the joy of bundling up and building my pony in Cathy’s yard all those decades ago.  I will gather and hold these treasures of memory when I feel the rise of complain pushing at my edges.


Gather the blizzard

Build the Snow Pony to ride

Heavenly gallop







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WINTER… We are not free from this force of nature yet.  No way at the end of February in Michigan.  I can’t pretend that I don’t think it’s gorgeous out there.  Stunning in the heavy white of winter magic.  This ice wet snow is not caressing the trees, it’s weight bends them to the ground, taking the trees in ownership of who’s more powerful; who rules this season.

What I love is the quietude of winter when he comes like this, all wet and heavy, burying us in the weight of white, holding us down, forcing us down, for awhile to be present in the season.  Momentum is slowed, peaceful if you give yourself to it.  I will give myself to this day of dense white flock.  Settle into the shelter that this blanket of snow lays to the Earth.  Tuck myself in and let the season have me right where it wants me.


Flocked in winter white

Lay silence to the landscape

Make love to the snow



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pleiades constellation

Spaces between the spaces

In wonder of how there is

always enough room


Making time in the timeless

In wonder of how time restricts

what is Infinite


Time and space pronounced

By the need for limits in cubes

That box us up tidy


When Creation has no limits

In we’re too busy to see if we can

Make the Heavens bow down to us


Today I’ll laugh at the absurdity

Free my safety compartments up

Allow magic to have no tricks up It’s sleeve


Breathe in the perfect moment

When space and time are only words used

To conform and confine EArthly tidings


I’m already rising to a giggle

Out of the box in enough time

To free myself to the heavens










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haiku simple

road trip

Words look for me here

Spill when ready in free fall

Love is enough said


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Today is a day for prayer and healing light for the highest good of my dear friend.

jeannes little books greta 003

Cradled in a cloud of soft pink love

Floating on a sea of comfort and safety

Caressed in the light of Divine intent

Surrounded by Spirit, grounded in

Nature’s wonder,  lit with the flame of

Creations never ceasing gifts

Inhaling the breath of clarity

Cutting away what does not serve

Held in a perfect healing moment

Served by a steady hand

Knowing ab-soul-lutely that

YOU, are cherished and Loved

Every moment, every moment

Every moment….

And so it is for the HIghest Good





There’s no reason to wait for the luck

When it’s flowering in it’s ready

To show off now.

It’s not like there’s only a day for

That merriment for you to reach

Out for that shamrock

Potatoes and religious contempt

Make no match to the honest luck

flowering for you

It’s not like the Irish have the only

Greenery held to that leafy trinity

That’s blood red

Flushing through your veins

In this miracle of breath and sight

Happy to be here

Luck gives it’s magic indiscriminate

In what is suppose to happen in that moment

Joined in yours

Luck can be care-less, fortunate, startling.

Meaningless when you don’t regard it

Blooming before you

There’s a lot to be said for stopping to smell

The blossoms opening in front of you

Luck gathers in that moment

There’s no reason to wait for the Luck

It’s been with you every moment of breath

It waits for you to notice



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ASHERAH on my Beach

Always sippy the coffee and ponder the poem.  Till it arrives and I lay it down here cause it must be written.  AnD so it is.

Perfect beach

Behemoths of stone thrown by giants into the sea

Lay quiet to the lick of water to rock and sand.

Melt my bare feet into the gritty moist

Gone to the moment’s kiss of water

Ahead where the tide leaves behind

In treasures of shell and polished stone

Glitter and pulse in the Sun’s reflect.

Gives excite to the gulls and terns that call

Asherah hand to mine in our silent commune

In this meet of Earth to Sea and Sun to quiet breath.

The breeze of wisdom fills my lungs

And the walk on water naked to the Spirit

Of this wise beach gives her story of long ago.

In the right now of what I swim deep to gather

As I walk on the tide of what is to come

When all that sand, and sea, sun and breath

Gather in my imagining ever present on my beach

That holds the eternal perfect in the Goddesses

Of my calling of Joy. peace, stillness, and

The swim deep of all that I am.


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