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Today marks, Imbolc, or Candlemas, the stirring of Spring. http://www.schooloftheseasons.com/candlemas.html  We are half way from Winter Solstice, to Spring Equinox. The Light gets brighter every day.  It’s a time of awakening deep in the Earth.  The belly of the Earth stirs.   What stirs in your belly?  What needs preparation for creative birthing?  What is awakening in you?

Also, this the celebration of St Brigid.

“February 1st is the feast day of St./Goddess Brigid, who began her life as a pagan goddess and ended up a Christian saint. She was a fire and fertility goddess. In her temple at Kildare, vestal virgins tended an eternal fire. On her feast day, her statue was washed in the sea (purification) and then carried in a cart through the fields surrounded by candles.”(YOu can read more on the above website, about all this)


Candles burning bright

Surround the sacred stirring

Spring gives her whisper


In-between seasons

Celebrate awakening

Seed pushes through dark


Give quiet reflection

Give notice to what stirs deep

To the half way there


What lays deep brewing

Knows the tended fire of life

Fears no winter freeze

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