Ground Hog DID not see his shadow and Spring will come early.  OK… right.  yippee..  I’m good with that.  And I still feel ‘the stir in me belly’  of what seeds are sprouting in me for the rise of Spring greening.  Much more in keeping with what literally and figuratively brews in me.  The joy and pleasure of possibilities laid out into the Universe with the prayer for the Highest Good to unfold.  I ready to wear a frock of green and bloom.


Still the stillness patiently waits

Ever present to give peace and quietude

Hardly a breath away in the stirring morning

Or the busy of getting the day to the evening

When night envelops the body for rest and release

And stillness comes with sleep.


This stillness that calls from heart’s beat

In steady syncopation is not what covers

The night with sleep and dream’s whisper.

It wants for the full presence of being awake

In the listen deep for the voice that stillness

Spills in to the consciousness of being with Spirit


In the fresh nature of a forest or mountain view

The path through the garden, or the walk on the beach

Stillness will find you when ever calm and countenance

widens yours vision and allows the wisdom of Peace

To settle into what you have always known

Stillness makes way for hearing the heart’s voice




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