I like, I liked, I will like, I have liked, I would like to like. ‘Like’ me

My friend Ian, wrote this article regarding the ‘like’ button on FackBook. http://dissociatedpress.com/2013/02/if-this-page-gets-one-million-likes-i-wont-shoot-a-kitten/  … I have to admit, that tho’ it makes for ease in letting someone know you’ve paid attention to their post, it’s so cursory  and really gives no real feedback.  I guess I have to say, I feel it’s a lazy way to connect.

With that said, I am going to stop being lazy.  I’m going to do my best, where ever I journey in this cyberspace continuum and I find the ‘LIKE’ button, to say a few words.  LIke, (ha)  why do I like this?   Or not?  I took the time to be there reading.   Don’t I have a few words to give back?  Why… yes I do.

Those of you that visit here:  Why do you Like my blog? Or not?  Feedback is inspirational to a writer.  Thank you to those of you that do respond when you visit here, and give me a few words.  I really appreciate it.

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What I Like.

I like the luscious of a pear.

That first bite and all that sweetness flows into my mouth and trickles down my throat.

I like big soft snow flakes.

They glide so gently to the earth with an ease and lightness that makes me want to raise my head to the sky with an open mouth and catch them on my tongue

I like the smell of my dogs paws.

They smell of corn chips and the salsa that goes with them, lazing on beach in Mexico.

I like words

How they flow together.  How they can be deliberate, expletive, gentle, soft, hard, painful. How I feel when I’m searching for the right one and there isn’t one in the many.  And then there are more than I can choose from.

I like singing

The way sounds float from my throat and up out my mouth

I like friends

For they are my greatest reflection on my path to Joy, and wholeness.  I Love friends.

I like Love

It’s every where all the time when I let my heart be open to it.

I like to cook

I can safely say, I love to cook.  The pleasure of shopping for the right ingredients, the chopping and mixing, the spicing, and herbing, the wafting of the rich smell of it in the cooking.  Fills my house up.

I like life

Every moment is a possibility for some creative joy and to feel love.

I like gratitude

Being grateful pulls me out of negative thinking and opens me to peace.







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One response to “I like, I liked, I will like, I have liked, I would like to like. ‘Like’ me

  1. I like watching the waving of the tall brown soldiers that reside in the swamp outside my window, they say hello and relax. I like the birds that wheel about my window. They dip and they soar and swarm to feed. I like that.


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