Eyes closed tight seeking the dream

Invites in the dark stream inside my head

To fill up on what hides from my view

HIdes from where my choices begin


The conjure gives resistance to my magic

Not for the lack of pictures that script

Unedited flick stripes of what is and isn’t

What was and might have been


That film rises up in un-provoke stimulation

The simulation of how life gets spent

Like it’s bent and folded up currency

And I’m looking for those images of change


Eyes closed tight awake to a dream sequence

Dark holds no gloom as it always find some light

My wand gives bright a new message

Waiting made the hidden promise seen


Sleep had nothing to do with this out of the hat

The cloak of invisibility was mine in the first place

No one else can lace this fabric of life together

It’s my story of mystery and magic

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