Daily Archives: 09/02/2013



It’s more than anyone needs to know

It’s one of those vile vulgar experiences

That collides with your body in an overwhelm

A surge of illness that tears at your guts

Rips at every part of you with a toxicity

That has to find it’s way out of you now

In violent purges from mouth to ass

Again and again


It’s more than you wanted to hear from me

On this sunny winter morning welcome

Drained of yesterday’s tuna sandwich

Grilled with cheese and tasting like goodness

Left behind in the toilet in repeat hurl to get the

Scourge out of my body so death won’t take me

And the hideous curse of it ‘be gone to the devil’


It’s not the diet plan I had in mind

And in this moment I don’t ever want to eat again

A favorite comfort food gave it’s poisonous rebel

Consumed in a violent retch that shivers still

In my body and if I didn’t know better

I would never eat again, never ever.


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