The body knows what it needs were it simple to hear it’s call to well being.

The body sings many a song and it’s parables are often lost to deviant chatter.

That call is not always perceivable, lost in some mutant cell hidden, stagnant in silence

Till it decides to multiply.

It’s one thing to feel the poison of what you ate to sustain you and the violent results

leaves you in a spasm of retch soon to pass tho’ death was surely the outcome.

The body knows what to do with that bad decision as it spews and ejects out of you.

Exhausted to the relief of it.

The body keeps some secrets from it self, no mater what deep listening you have

It gives you betrayal to suffer you in that stagnant silence as the mutant cells

multiply in haste to consume your well being and dare you to challenge it.

And challenge it you do, you must.

Take the silence out of the body and let it scream out for the want of well being

Let it out and stomp on it’s writhing mutant death wish to end it once and for all.

Give the body back it’s harmony and peace so it’s voice is clear and sublime.

Let the highest good prevail



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