Daily Archives: 13/02/2013


Good morning Li’ Missy.

Halloween Diva1

The curtains are open to that little grey hooded girl, happy again to fill the sky with her dull density.  Even as she skips down the street waving at passer-byes,  her breath giggles a chill with a fog, and her contentment for having her sky hide a sunny disposition is self possessed.  It’s all about her, again.

I’ve decided that I’ll dress up in hot pink today, with a little rhinestone sparkle that catches the dull light just enough to glitter and bling.  Then, I’m going to go out and high step right out in front of her, right under her cast of gloom with my sparkle and glitz, my hot pink self an accessory against her vast sky.  Living art with a colorless background to show myself off in.  Take that Missy.  Your gloom makes me look good.  And when I’m done dancing and strutting the drab streets under your sterile sky, I’m gonna hug the grey gloom right out you.


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