Peace took a tumble in the morning

After months of making a presence

For public consumption, situated

Calmly against the window pane,

Pointing South, Peace took a dive.

A hard hit to the wood floor.


The slam crack was startling

Loud in fact, like it wanted

My attention right then and there

Which I didn’t have to give. I was busy

Unraveling my mind in cyberspace.

Where peace is hard pressed to be found


I dismissed the clamor, the strike hit

To the floor.  A cursory glance, a nod.

Probably my cat slam dunking his toy

Over there somewhere by the window.

Not to worry, not to be bothered.

Peace was the least of my worries


In the later on with it all forgotten

A passing glance catches the lean

Of Peace against the wall on the floor.

I think to pick it up, relocate the peace.

I don’t.  I leave it there.  It’s still there

Making peace with my foundation.


That seems about right in the peace

Of things.  That makes for the unity

Of wall to floor in a flip flop off

The window,calling out for a better

Place to be for awhile till I hear it

Call out to me to give peace a new place.


It will call me out for relocation

Thank God I tattooed it on my wrist

Long ago just in case Peace crashed

Somewhere and I could still have it

With me no matter where or what

Peace decided to do to get some attention.


Peace is like that.  It needs to be seen,

Heard, felt, experienced.  It wants

A Chance to fill you up and call you

Out of your revery off the window pane

On to your floor in case you forgot

That Peace and love are the answers




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  1. Your ability to take the moment into metaphor delights. This is one to be savored!


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