Daily Archives: 17/02/2013


A big blue sky mornin’ to you.

winter blue

Gloom Girl has been blown to another part of the planet for the time being, and her identical twin sister, Babe Blue makes her appearance.  What can I say about this babe, other than what you know about sunny days and blue sky;  It makes everything brighten up and feel so much more jolly.  Right?  Even if Gloom Girl left behind her bitter chill, Babe Blue giggles at it and let’s her Sunny disposition fill up the sky.  It is winter here in Michigan after all, and that chilly freeze thing scoffs at us all no matter who’s filling up the sky.

As identical as these two sisters are, the grey blue eyes of GG are no match for the brilliant azure of BB.  And, BB doesn’t slump  when she walks nor does this lil’ miss hoody herself up.  Nope, not this little bit of Blue joy; she’s all busy making the big above all gloom and cloud free.  She’s showing off her luscious bod as if it’s 85, and she’s lounging on a tropical island beach where the Sun guy is always shining in honor of how well BB cheers the crowd on to praise him.   He sure loves all that attention.

Big Daddy Sun is a happy camper having a good hair day, and is especially feeling all warm and cuddly now that sister BB has awakened the land with her sprite.  I’m definitely feeling it and I’m going to wear denim blue today in celebration. I might even dangle a little sun shine off my ears.


Celebrate blue sky

Give your face to the sunshine

Ease into the joy