ASHERAH on my Beach

Always sippy the coffee and ponder the poem.  Till it arrives and I lay it down here cause it must be written.  AnD so it is.

Perfect beach

Behemoths of stone thrown by giants into the sea

Lay quiet to the lick of water to rock and sand.

Melt my bare feet into the gritty moist

Gone to the moment’s kiss of water

Ahead where the tide leaves behind

In treasures of shell and polished stone

Glitter and pulse in the Sun’s reflect.

Gives excite to the gulls and terns that call

Asherah hand to mine in our silent commune

In this meet of Earth to Sea and Sun to quiet breath.

The breeze of wisdom fills my lungs

And the walk on water naked to the Spirit

Of this wise beach gives her story of long ago.

In the right now of what I swim deep to gather

As I walk on the tide of what is to come

When all that sand, and sea, sun and breath

Gather in my imagining ever present on my beach

That holds the eternal perfect in the Goddesses

Of my calling of Joy. peace, stillness, and

The swim deep of all that I am.


Filed under NATURE

2 responses to “ASHERAH on my Beach

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


  2. Thanks so much Clyde.


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