There’s no reason to wait for the luck

When it’s flowering in it’s ready

To show off now.

It’s not like there’s only a day for

That merriment for you to reach

Out for that shamrock

Potatoes and religious contempt

Make no match to the honest luck

flowering for you

It’s not like the Irish have the only

Greenery held to that leafy trinity

That’s blood red

Flushing through your veins

In this miracle of breath and sight

Happy to be here

Luck gives it’s magic indiscriminate

In what is suppose to happen in that moment

Joined in yours

Luck can be care-less, fortunate, startling.

Meaningless when you don’t regard it

Blooming before you

There’s a lot to be said for stopping to smell

The blossoms opening in front of you

Luck gathers in that moment

There’s no reason to wait for the Luck

It’s been with you every moment of breath

It waits for you to notice



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