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WINTER… We are not free from this force of nature yet.  No way at the end of February in Michigan.  I can’t pretend that I don’t think it’s gorgeous out there.  Stunning in the heavy white of winter magic.  This ice wet snow is not caressing the trees, it’s weight bends them to the ground, taking the trees in ownership of who’s more powerful; who rules this season.

What I love is the quietude of winter when he comes like this, all wet and heavy, burying us in the weight of white, holding us down, forcing us down, for awhile to be present in the season.  Momentum is slowed, peaceful if you give yourself to it.  I will give myself to this day of dense white flock.  Settle into the shelter that this blanket of snow lays to the Earth.  Tuck myself in and let the season have me right where it wants me.


Flocked in winter white

Lay silence to the landscape

Make love to the snow



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