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Grey Gloom Girly gives again

winter 2013

With March having snowed her way in, I’m hopeful that April will find us sooner than later laying her heady little crocus and snow drops with some vibrant green on the land.

Grey Gloom Girl, makes lots of visits to this part of the world, especially in the winter months. She generous with herself. She likes to amass the whole Mid-West and some of Canada when ever she gets a chance.  She can be sooo consuming.  I hear myself let loose with a big sigh, feel my face lack luster, and my lips push to the floor.

I’m doing my best to befriend her.  I’m the one most resistant.  She’d loved to cozy up, swaddle, and swallow me in her dull void.  It’s not like I haven’t given into that cool, overcast, and distant demeanor before, cause I have.  I’ve been known to let that over cast sky be my sunny day.  I’m not really into that kinda thing anymore.  Ya know?

She knows it pisses me off when she’s busy spitting and spewing little wet drops of freeze which is what she’s doing right now.  I’m gonna love her anyway.  That’s the thing about having choice in attitude about these kinda things;  I can give her bitch status and rave on about how annoying she is OR,  I can imagine her feeling lonely and needy to be seen and appreciated for what she is; all dull and grey and colourless.  She’s a little boring.  I’ll  love her anyway and wrap her up in my Sunny disposition.


No overcast here

Sun melts the grey gloom away

Lit up bright inside


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