Choices give way to consequence to new choice, to new consequence.  Endings give way to new beginnings, to more endings and something new lays on the horizon.  And so it goes.  There is a ramble here that I will avoid for your reading benefit.

Photo 13

Judgement lays a shadow on me

It threw off it’s old worn cloak

Defiant, hands on hips, nearly naked,

All puffed up, nodding an assured yes.

Staring hard into my thoughts.

I feel my head join in the nod

In the affirm that this confusion

brought to the presence of our moment

Washes over my heart with an ache

Welcomes Judgement in the theater of critique

The confront brings eyes wide open

The blend of you and judgment

Staring me down clasps at my heart

Doesn’t matter what I get or don’t get

Or want to get, just get moving on

Out of the business that isn’t mine to have

Feelings will find their way in and out

Not be denied with their being in my shadow

Waiting for the Sun in full on regalia

to burn of the shadow judge in gentle discern

Brighten up the face of love and acceptance

Hoping you find what kind of love

You’re looking for in the heart of someone else

That all the someone else’s can’t fill up

One after the other and then again

I’m stepping into the Sun light on this one

Breathing it all in in the no matter what

Heart open in the release of the sad ache

Everything is perfectly imperfect as it is

Practice finds it’s way to wholeness

The matter of it all returns us all to All.

When I meet the dust of me, love is forever

No need to take it one more round of life again

There will be no judgement to have or heart

to ache away at what isn’t.

What IS, is Love beyond the dust of us.




  1. Linda Chapman

    Powerful!! Thank goodness for a March sky that offers us the sun.


  2. Yes… thank gooooodness.


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