HABITS… haibun/haiku


Habits…Those ritualistic mind sets that give daily life meaning, and move you from one thing to the next.    Those things we do every morning, every evening, in repeat cause it’s what we know, it’s what we do.  Habits give comfort, they give order, they give meaning, and reason:  make the coffee, feed the pets, check the email, write the blog, sippy the coffee, write some more, surf the news, write some more.  Mostly in that order.  and yours?

Habits give distraction, move the mind to mindless, give repeat to avoidance, to unspoken fears, or maybe they started so long ago that they are infused in the body and to break the ritual is a death of sorts; a great loss to your systems that spike the fear of what will you do without them.  What could possibly take their place?

Maybe, someone passed their rituals on to you’ the methodical repeat of their own habits and ceremonies, and you made them yours.  Children do that.  Parent do that.   They’re not yours… now what?

Some habits have to go, they’ve been around too long and don’t serve the higher good.  They’ve become viral in there hold, perversely sacred in the act of doing them, and they give an illusion of being the right thing to do, to get from point A to point B.   They served for so long and now they don’t.  The feel good has gone to the raw repetition till who you are is the parrot caged.


Habits to undo

Let the weather of you change

Born again each moment

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