in the sunlight

in the sunlight

He lays in the patch of sun light

Old bones and cloudy eyes

Feeling the warmth seep in

Sweetness is his gift shared

Tender heart unconditional


God spelt backwards

No coincidences in the spirit

Of that Spirit held to Love

Whatever you choose to call it

In the Universe of loyalty


He lays there shifting his bones

Seeking to find the sweet spot.

Giving a gaze of tender

With a fluff of tail wiggle

A puppy sigh and rest


My heart is big for this boy



Filed under LOVE, pets

2 responses to “MY DOG…

  1. Debbie Fogell

    I love this poem about Dog, God spelled backwards! You have to truly know an animal to understand how much they give and how much you can love them. Your poem is beautiful, I understand!


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