Time was shifted again this morning.  A little quake forward of an hour. A little shiver in time.  Today has 23 hours rather than 24. It has occurred to me in some moment of wonder; who decided, with authority, to to change time, and how long did it take them to ‘conclave’ and come to it?  Not so much the why of it.  That doesn’t take much pondering as the build up to Winter Solstice gives to short, dark days, and the want and desire for Light becomes a hunger.   A shift in time can fix that.

No matter the gift of winter quietude and seasonal austerity that needs this time to do what it must, the drab and dark can feel lonely, closed in, and humans crave Light.  Long, dark days call me to my inner world, where the of light me comes from inside out.  I find myself feeling creative, busy lighting up my world with writing, and making things for me and my friends and family.  Mostly, I let myself notice.  I don’t usually feel the drab and gloom that fills the Midwestern sky for months till the Spring pushes her points of green out and spreads, calling Summer heat to give her blossoms and seeds.  I love those sunny days that linger into the night, and the want to be outside under the canopy of summer’s light that sunsets to corals, and blues and indigo for the starry night; feeling the heat of the day linger on bare skin.

My body is full of the seasons as they come,and go in the time that they take to do what they do. My inner clock is patterned by them, and the elemental expressions of them.

Time is made up and clearly it can be shifted.  And an Infinite Universe is timeless.  We’re floating around in it.  What’s time got to do with anything really, other than what we proclaim it to be so we can box our lives up in a certain way?  So we get certain living done in a timely manner, so we can do it again.  Time is a construct. (IMO)Somedays it holds the day together, and some days it in the way of my Joy.



This is it right now

Breathe in this moment fully

What does peace smell like?


Why count the minutes

When in the presence of the

Present is your gift





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