I feel inspired from a book I read called Sunflower Country, by Dave Etter.  It’s gives poetics to a small town in the MidWest of everyone that lives there.  Each page is about a person in this village/town and some defining characteristic of them.  It’s all fictional and I felt very moved by a great bit of it.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this and I’m going to play with it…

train station

Mary Jane Ellis


She has her secrets like you do.

Stories not to be shared, sealed, hidden.

Composed of wants, desires, failures

Missed steps of pain, betrayal, fractures

On the journey of a life that grabbed a gasp,

A whisper, a shuttering heave of despair.

And let that breath carve a slit, leave a small

Pocket of invisible in the mind far away from

The spill of it on to a life well lived.


She keeps her secrets even in the want

Of their dismiss and the weeping sore

Deep within that oozes up to her surfaces

Just below the what can be seen red hot

On her skin’s  pulsing heart grieving..

Ready to be punctured in the pestilence

Of keeping caged that which gives

Agony to the train that expresses

through town with a wail and a no stop.

Of how secrets own her, hold her hard

To the rail track history that  left a lie forsaken

Begging for redemption’s gentle forgiveness


She wants her secrets to remind her, carry her

Along in the mystery of having something

That’s only hers and no one else’s forever after

In the Keep  that haunts her loneliness punishing.

Making sure that every day passes with a strike

Of a hush across her mind in the roar of the train

In the wail of her secret at 8:18 passing everyday












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