Howdy… For those of you that visit often, ya probably notice I’ve changed it up a bit. Everyday is more like 5 times a week and I’m shifting my content a bit.   I’m experimenting with some other writing modes, pondering what else I feel like giving my words to.  I Welcome some feedback.  thanks

Today, 8 years ago, my momma transitioned, left this planet to vibrate somewhere else, or so I imagine.  Today is for her.

mom n' me

No replace for Mom

Heart connection beyond ash

I feel her light here


I feel her light here

In the around of  my days

Ever present love


Ever present love

A story to rock me asleep

Recall her tender


Recall her tender

Gather her whimsy giggle

Always will miss her


Always will miss her

The light string holds eternal

Love is infinite



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