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RELEASE … haiku

last day of NaPoWriMo…. and what will fall of my fingertips this a.m.?

Every few days I receive an email I signed up for from ‘The Universe”  with Mike Dooley.  I find it fun, clever, and often inspired.    Below is what I receive today.   I’m gonna let it give me my poem.

“As far as I can tell, jeanne, worrying about anything at all is a pretty good indicator that one has begun thinking that their joy and prosperity will somehow hinge on pending physical events, other people, or angry green Martians. 

Can you imagine?! 

 Phone home,

     The Universe

 First, jeanne, joy and prosperity are created within. Second, the events and people of your life can be changed with your thoughts. And third, for the most part, Martians are neither green nor angry.”



Release Worry’s nag

Hinge joy to rising moments

Give your light away


Release Grief’s shudder

Quiver loss to open sky

Arms wide heart open


Release Silence past

Crawl, run, squeeze, sob, rip, fly, write

Face the aching heart

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29 days to a Limerick or two.

29th day… napowrimo  One more day of Poetry month.  as life is these day… zooooooomm

Gonna make up a limerick or two.  Why not?  Right?


botanical gardenspire1

There’s this gal from Ann Arbor

She’s a hairdresser not a barber

She snips n’ clips on your head,

shampoos away demons from dreams bed

Count on this gal to be a salve

When you’re needing


Who says there are no extra-terrestials?

Living here, way up there in the celestial

Look to your neighbor for one

With 4 fingers and one thumb

Don’t be fooled to think

They’ve not come


Me thinks that words are for playin’

Across pages maybe not sayin’

All the pooh inside you

with nothing else but to do

Spill your guts it’s a must

I’m just sayin’


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DOORS… 28th day

28th day…

One thing that happens for me doing this 30 poems in 30 days, visiting the NaPoWriMO site, is I read lots of other poets doing the same thing.  Some I love, some I don’t get. It’s an opportunity to connect with other poets out there who put themselves out here in cyberspace meeting this challenge, doing the prompts, jumping into their own thing.  It astounds me how many poets are out here writing away, speaking to some place within themselves that needs to be laid out in words.  It’s quite amazing.

I thank you all who visit us, and I thank all of us who share ourselves here.  Here goes my poetic ramble.  Below are photos of my trip to Germany.


A hall with many doors

The kind of doors you take

pictures of on holiday

Arched and scrolled

Massive, darkly carved

Fairy doors, church doors,

None desrcript doors

against what demands


Doors that welcome

Doors that forebode

Doors that beg you

make entrance

down this hall

on this quiet walk.

This isn’t for camera

ready in the photo

journal journey.

Not this naked hallway

with these crazy ass

doors making demands

for you to pick one only one

cause your next life depends

on it.  In your breathing in

and out in the silent death

of.. your what might be next.

Hoping for some sound

to emanate behind that pressed

ear of yours at that rather

ornate doors to your left.

Silence is what you get down

this hall, no whispers, no

haunting music, no giggles,

YOu and your breath on the

inhales and exhales deciding.

I don’t know about you,

I’m compelled to pick door

number ‘3’ toward the end of

the hall.  Sight un-seen

in that nice number ‘3’

I’m not quite there yet

I will be soon.




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Pantoum… Spring Green Rising.

27TH day of NaPoWriMo.  My third year of being a part of poetry month.  I love it.  I am compelled everyday to sit here and write. I have almost 750 poems written in the last two years.  Yippppeee.   I wish I had as much discipline for exercise.  I would be thin and very poetically clever.  LOL.

I’m lovin’ on some Pantoum poetry.  I may have to write a chap book full of this style.  It’s has magic to it.

For those poets that find their way here.  I’d love to share this style together.  anyone interested?



I am Spring green rising

Pulled by the sun up from my dirt

Unfurling to the rain and wind

In season I rise to give back again


Pulled by the sun up from my dirt

I face the light with renewal in my heart

In season I rise to give back again

In birth, and life, till death finds me


I face the light with renewal in my heart

Shiver to the fever that calls me to myself

In season I rise to give back again

My bloom finds her perfection


Shiver to the fever that calls me to myself

Unfurling to the rain and the wind

My bloom finds her perfection

I am Spring green rising



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POETRY BLOCKED. me n’ Roald Dahl

26TH day… I think what I did might look clear enough.  Took a page from a Roald Dahl Book. and then I blocked out words to make some Haikus.

There are 3 of them, I separated them by the pink lines.  It’s challenging to read and more challenging block out and make any sense.  It was kinda fun.  I’ve done it long ago and forgot it’s what it is.  Makes my want DairyQueen and big Buster Parfait .   mmmm yummy









A BALLAD… 25th day

day 25 of NaPoWriMo…

Todays invite is to write a ballad.  Ballads come in different forms, always lyrical, and with lines that rhyme.  The line pace is often 8/9 syllables for the first line, 6/7 for the alternating lines.    Always there is a story to be told; often some lament.  And, of course it can be anyway ya want it.  It’s about the story.

woman n butterfly purple

We knew what made her walk away

No tears rolled down her face

She had a smile that fateful day

She disappeared without a trace


She took with her just skin and bones

Wrapped in a blue velvet cloak

Her faithful dog at her side alone

She was gone before he awoke


His search was reckless full of woe

She was his and his forever

Who was she to think she could go

He told her never ever


Away from never ever land

Free from his vile breath

She found comfort in woman’s hand

A sweet love for her till death


We knew what made her walk away

Little did we know her fate

Into the arms of a woman she stays

Forever is never too late







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24th day… napowrimo  …A fun invitational prompt.  Well, it could be.  Making Anagrams of your name.  Go here…   It takes a minute to up load.  It gives you Allllll kinds of words to use for however you want to use them.  Obviously, this is for some poem I’m going to fall into here after I look to the 71,429 words found in my very long name.  So, I’m going to use my first, and sir name I was given at birth to hone this down a little.

Only 6,400 word.  Whew … that’s better.

Me  1956 pink dress blk n white


Be human

pen a menu

cue up a nuance

jab a chump

enhance a jump

emcee panache

un-numb a hum

pace a hump

Ace acumen

name a jam

cup up men

cape a bean heap

ape a chum

uncap a cube

bump a puma

cheapen menace

be a peach

Be Human

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