EDDIE WISER… playing the fool real good

Eddie Wiser


In a small town somebody is always gonna play the Fool

Those things start young before you have a chance

To be anything but what they tell ya, your gonna be.

You slurped up a spaghetti noodle wrong at the dinner table

and one long one comes out your nose, and the family laughed

Laughed like they never did at anything you ever did.

It felt good. I felt noticed in a new way.  That’s how it started.

Maybe I was naturally funny, naturally full of play

It all came natural to be this average guy who makes

The world laugh wearing the clown hat with ownership.

Feeling that piece of noodle hanging limp out of my nose.

My limp dick waiting for laughs to give it rise when all else

Fails in my desire to be seen past my label, pass my surface.

Finding my way through being six years old for attention.

Dangling any kind of noodle I could, reaching for the carrot

Just out over there.


Not as smart as Jeff Snow, certainly not as good looking

as Aaron Whittles that the girls drooled and flirted all over

In those high school days of finding where you fit in or not.

Playing the Fool, being the clown goes a long way when

You’re smart about it and have good timing, It’s all in the timing.

It was time to shift out of it, feel the grown up moving passed

The Fool’s cleverness.  Pull that damn noodle out of my nose

for the last time, and just let the funny roll naturally

With out all the need behind it, without all the insecurity.

I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Small towns hold their Fool tight,

whisper all over town their shenanigans.  Give a strange

reverence  and salute to you when you pass, like they think

they know who you really are.  And what clownish thing

are you gonna do next and will they be the target.


I fooled them all leaving town, leaving MIchigan,

going to the Academy of Arts and Drama in Chicago,

writing plays, and stories of small town America.

Telling their stories, making it all matter beyond

The labeling and curse of being more than what that label

Ever had to say of a fool jumping into life in free fall

With trust in his heart in the surrender to deeper meaning.

Marrying the prettiest girl in the world. Laughing and joking

My successes.  Living the dream with a fools smile.

Never eating spaghetti again.


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