National Poetry Month… Day 4   This is my third year of doing this.  WOW.  I’m sharing with you the poem I wrote for this day 3 NaPoWrMo’s ago.  And then todays little ditty.



This was the poem for 4th of April 2011.

the wind rocked the house

last night.

trembled me deep into 

folds of cover

it wrestled my dreams


into a flurry of April

storm grey

where the waters rise 


my breath is lost

to a drown


that consumes my

spring green

smothers my red buds

rails and rolls 

screams and hellions

the busy dreamers

hunger for silence.


it comes in Sun

light sheets

cast over the dreamers


drawing the drown


to another woman’s sea


awakened to silence

laid wide open

where the night

wrath is lost

to the rise of a new



For today… on the ‘all hail’ to the Sun on this 4th of April, 2013… here’s what’s rolling off my finger from my mind/heart.

it’s better to let what is be as it will

there’s no stoppin’ it in the extend

of a heart that finds new hunger

to feed on for whatever

reason under the Sun

and the rise of Spring’s fever


Can’t get away from the fever

you want it like a hot kiss

like an urgent naked sprawl 

against any surface that might

hold heat for the quick desire

happy for the panting, the sticky

moist of it all.


it’s as real as it gets till you

don’t get it anymore in the wonder

why of the seasons that will find

winter again in all that chill 

and austerity lingering lonely

with a hungry heart and a body

that needs release.


Seems Spring will never find you

never sprout hard out of your 

body’s need for love’s delicious

reach and want from the cold frost

 in wool ready to get naked

 to roll  again under the moist heat

in that fever that comes with Spring


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