“The Sun IS a Handsome Liar.”

Day # 5  NaPoWriMo.

I’m stealing a line from a friend that wrote this on Facebook the other day and using it for my prompt today.  Gotta say I love it.  The changes in the season makes for deceptive weather.  That “handsome liar’ gives of some Big Boy Sunshine and then you walk out to feel it all over your body cause you’ve been waiting on it alllll damn winter, and the ‘bastard cronie’ regales you with a bitter, chilling wind that shrivels you into fetal position.




“The Sun is a handsome liar and the wind is it’s bastard crony..”  Andrew Perry,  Ann Arbor


“The Sun is a handsome liar”


Lie to me you handsome bright boy

Shine your deception all over me

Take my hungry moment’s desire.

Blind me with some of that radiance.

I’ll take what I can get worn tired

by the grey gloom’s flat stare day

after day in her slow wrap of depression


Be my own private liar Sunny boy

Deceive me with your best shot

cause I can take it if it warms me up

Cut’s through that flat stare of gloom

with my eyes wide open receiving.


You can’t bully me with that bastard crony

of yours sending that divisive wind’s chill

Hoping to send me away from your blaze.

Not happening with Spring begging free

and the fever of your Light, lightens me

up no matter what bastard element you

put in my way.


I’ll sing the wind to calm, dance in the

rain, lay myself down on the greening

Earth and let you lie all over me.






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