Day six of napowrimo…  Every day they give a prompt.  I thought todays was interesting so I’m going to give it a go.

It’s a style of poetry call a cinquain.  A five stanza poem that goes like this:

first line… 2 syllable, second line, 4 syllables, third line, 6, 4th line, 8… last line 2.  It’s a syllable thing and I’m clear that it’s not nearly as simple at it seems.  And, I’m likely to write more than one.



Over there

you sit lonely

I feel myself reach out

Quiet hearts  meet like this often



The want

shivers  hidden

rippled waves of warm breath

hungry to breeze away lonely

I’m here


Me here

next to you now

Silent to each other

inhale the breath and depth of you

At last





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