BAD BREATH… a valediction, day 7 napowrimo

Day 7 of NaPoWriMo… What I like about the prompts is that they  invite me past my comfort zone, some more than others.  Todays poetic invitation is to write a Valediction.    A valediction is a farewell, a good bye, maybe a see ya later, or don’t let the door slam your ass on your way out.  It can be sweet, longing, angry, grief ridden, funny.



I have breathed you in long enough

All that panting and ranting of your

exhales swarming out and around you

with no syncopation, no easy breezy

not even the beauty of a good storm

blowing in  off your lake to feed my land

lifting my pulse to a gasp of want.


I have breathed you in long enough

Your bellow, and quaint-less murmurs

Your halitosis of negativity oxygenates

our shared spaces and I’m beginning

to catch my breath, hold my breath,

in your toxic presence.


I have breathed you in long enough

And all I want is to step out into

windy, breezy, easy swirl of air

that lifts my hair, kisses my skin

fills my lungs with the freshness

of anything other than your breathing


I have breathed you in

and now I breathe you out

catching the first sweet wind

that will fill my sails to take

me to ever so far from you


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