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5-7-5-7-7 Tanka in three’s

day 11… NaPoWriMo… todays prompt is called a tanka.  It has similarity to the haiku with two added lines of 7 syllables.

5-7-5-7-7.  I have yet to write a tanka, which is surprising considering I write and love Haiku.  Today it the first day of the rest of my tanka life.  ; )


You are kidding me

Still held to yesterday’s fault

worn down mis-taken

find the over it right now

show me your belly giggle


Perish yesterday

let it grumble in the gone

seed a new day green

quiver on the edge of now

lighten up your dark corners


That hat makes me laugh

It’s time you danced out the box

Give the grey gloom gone

roll your rainbow down the street

bare your naked smile


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