12th day of NaPoWriMO…



There is space for this sadness

That gets no slow brew

In the rumble call of death

Not sudden in the feel of sudden

In the weight of the wait of it.


What to do slips the heart

around on the icy chill of

this death watch calling

In the tic tic of a body

ready to lay rest to this life


May the highest good open

the heaven’s pearly gates

for his want of a life well lived

into the cherished illumination

of her arms waiting him


I rock in the arms of my grief

Still, coming slow to it waiting

In the continuum we all meet

when this body gives back

The Earth and the Heavens


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4 responses to “waiting…

  1. Linda Chapman

    This poem is a gift for all who experience the loss of one who helped to shape us. In your time of saying goodbye, know you are surrounded by those who care deeply about you, and who honor one who has so deeply touched your life. Your poetry delicately touches raw places and shines light, providing comfort and hope as well.


  2. salsachica

    Hiya! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Check out this link for all the info:


  3. Beautiful piece. Hugs.


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