In Memorial… to Popzee, Jack Michie 1927-2013

13th day NaPoWriMo…  I think it no coincidence that my Popzee, transitioned the same day my brother did one year ago yesterday morning.



In Celebration Of Popzee

Our heads bumped like rams on a mountain top

The sound of us silenced by her want for us

to find our common

It was the common that brought our heads together

She made our ways familiar for the familial

celebration to bringing us down

from that mountain battle

in wraps of her love us tender

in the wide heart of giving


The bully of you pushed hard,

gave orders

laid down laws,

sorted your commands,

as you saw fit to make your way the way.

In a way that diverged from mine and ‘hers’

In the way that keeps the fear of losing

control of all that hard work

all that sacrifice.

When the bully put ‘that’ hat on in self

righteous intellect to make lesser of

a  poet’s heart in her art

of colourful finesse.


In sweet tender the burst of you in an

open heart,  with a lion’s roar you gave

love’s dedication to all

that made cherish to

what lived so grandly

within your old soul.

Generous in the giving,

quick to stand

for differences in the unique of life’s

quest to how the Grail gave it’s call to

those that wander and are never lost

for what wisdom is within

is the wisdom

of eternal life.


Our sameness made for all our differences

a magnified bellow of who would win.

For her, I laid my wretch down.

For her, I held my tongue.

For her, child of her womb,

I found my way to love you

in spite of your hard pushes

in the ‘right’ of your ways

on the path to love myself.

And on this mountain top

of battles long ago fought

I salute you on to your new life

in Heaven’s luminous light

In the everlasting knowing

that we will meet again.

I love you






6 responses to “In Memorial… to Popzee, Jack Michie 1927-2013

  1. Linda Chapman

    What a beautiful tribute to a complex and powerful relationship. Your love shines through. Thank you for including us in your experience. We join you in sending Jack on this last journey with light and compassion.


  2. mgb

    Jack’s gone! You captured ‘you&him’ so well. Sorry for the loss. Love you…mgb


  3. Tally

    Parents are unique individuals that you either get along with or clash with. Yet there’s always a love to be found for them for what they do in the long run. A dynamic poem that captures emotion well. My condolences to you, may you find a balm to ease these hard days.


  4. My Dad died on my birthday (at the very hour). In his younger years he had that forcefulness too, something about their generation perhaps? Condolences….


  5. Thanks my tigerbrite friend. That’s pretty powerful to die on ‘your’ day and the hour of your first breath. wow. How was that for you? have you written about it?


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