day 14 of NaPoWriMO…The invitational prompt today is to write a ‘Persona poem’.  That would be writing from another persons perspective.  Getting into their mind/body and making observations from their point of view.    For some reason, the first person that came up for me is a Grocery clerk; that check out person that notices everything that you buy, bags it up for you, sends you on your way.  In a small town that check-out person would see you frequently, maybe have conversation with you.  Maybe, notice an anomaly from your usual buying.



I tally and bag their party up

with potato chips, burger for the buns,

baked beans, and slaw for the

little army of fun in the backyard.

In the spread of mustard and ketchup

With a keg and a case of Coke

with plenty chatter, and remember

whens, and look how the kids have

grown, and lets get a game of golf in.


I tally and bag the busy up

with their frozen foods, and bottled

waters, the pre-made chill of a

life held to a race for this and that

and that and this as the time passes

in the head on freeze of nurturance

that forgets the smell of baked bread

and the words of a family at the

dinner table


I tally and bag her lonely up,

with old and single portions

with her Fred dead all these years

and the tins for the kitty

Words that cross and speak

in the up and down silence

in the passing of her time

and the White Zin to make the

night go deep in front of the TV.


I tally and bag the tins and frozen,

the fresh and lean.  The scrub and

the wash, the wine and the beer,

yesterday’s gossip, tonight’s dinner

tomorrows hope, with the bouquet for

the lover and the aspirin for hangover

In this town I know exactly where

I’d have my dinner.





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One response to “THE GROCER

  1. The story behind everyone’s shopping. I am always fascinated by the contents of other people’s supermarket trolleys.


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