day 19 of napowrimo… FAKE NEWPAPER AD.. really?

19th day NaPoWriMo


To toss some humor in a day that begins with the violent capture of one of the bombers of Boston, the Prompt today is to write an ad you might find in the news paper.  I’ve read some ‘big city’ want adds that make it hard for me to believe they are serious.  They  might go like this:  I have to say after writing some of these I could write a whole bunch of them.  I was kinda tame with them.  What crazy ad can you imagine writing?


Girl at corner of Vine

and Temple your

purple spiked hair

haunts me.  I need

to know you bad.

Freddy Kruger


Come hit me

hard and fast

love me big

you lil’ beeotch



Giggly, strap on

Top wants to poke

at you on Friday



Fatigued, lazy,

incredibly boring,

messy. and often

drooling seeking



Everything about me

is fake, over exaggerated

larger than life.  I’m

an honest lie waiting

to happen.

Make me really.


Handsome, poise

well dressed fella

seeking beautiful

blind woman.


Blind, toothless

with beautiful legs

and great hair

wants to gum you

to death.


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