In the Fortune Cookie, Cookie

day 21… napowrimo ….  EArth day weekend.  I’m thinkin’ every day might be considered as Earth Day.  All those wonderful seasons and then, of course, there’s gravity.  Keeps the float of us held to the surfaces.  I could establish big ramble right now, AND I’m kinda into the naporwrimo prompt for the day.

Writing words to go into Fortune Cookies.  How fun can that be?  What little sentence might you put in a fortune cookie?  oh.. and how about those ‘lucky’ numbers on the back?  Right?  As usual, I have no idea what in the next minutes will get tapped out here and here I go …..  front and back…






Wake up. You’re needed to save the world.  >   B # 1

Come on, give us a hug.   > 1-5-7-14

You have permission to be extra sweet to yourself.  >  52 pick up

Tomorrow, a gift of heart will come to you.  > 3-6-9

You’re in charge of your good fortune.  > all numbers are lucky

Fortunately, I have nothing important to say to you.  > 360

The hokey pokey IS what it’s ALL about.  >  7 come eleven

The first thing you see to your left is very lucky.  > all odd numbers

You’re being served some reality right now, pay attention.  >  the first number that comes to mind

Stand up, make one full circle turn, sit back down, think one loving thought.  >  10+6

You created it, now what will you do with it?  >  42

You have as much time as you need.  > infinity

You’re here, you’re now, Just BE.  >  B1

Trust the journey, that’s where the answers live.  >  0

You ARE what you ingest.  think about it.  > 8




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