24th day… napowrimo  …A fun invitational prompt.  Well, it could be.  Making Anagrams of your name.  Go here…   It takes a minute to up load.  It gives you Allllll kinds of words to use for however you want to use them.  Obviously, this is for some poem I’m going to fall into here after I look to the 71,429 words found in my very long name.  So, I’m going to use my first, and sir name I was given at birth to hone this down a little.

Only 6,400 word.  Whew … that’s better.

Me  1956 pink dress blk n white


Be human

pen a menu

cue up a nuance

jab a chump

enhance a jump

emcee panache

un-numb a hum

pace a hump

Ace acumen

name a jam

cup up men

cape a bean heap

ape a chum

uncap a cube

bump a puma

cheapen menace

be a peach

Be Human

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