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A BALLAD… 25th day

day 25 of NaPoWriMo…

Todays invite is to write a ballad.  Ballads come in different forms, always lyrical, and with lines that rhyme.  The line pace is often 8/9 syllables for the first line, 6/7 for the alternating lines.    Always there is a story to be told; often some lament.  And, of course it can be anyway ya want it.  It’s about the story.

woman n butterfly purple

We knew what made her walk away

No tears rolled down her face

She had a smile that fateful day

She disappeared without a trace


She took with her just skin and bones

Wrapped in a blue velvet cloak

Her faithful dog at her side alone

She was gone before he awoke


His search was reckless full of woe

She was his and his forever

Who was she to think she could go

He told her never ever


Away from never ever land

Free from his vile breath

She found comfort in woman’s hand

A sweet love for her till death


We knew what made her walk away

Little did we know her fate

Into the arms of a woman she stays

Forever is never too late







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