DOORS… 28th day

28th day…

One thing that happens for me doing this 30 poems in 30 days, visiting the NaPoWriMO site, is I read lots of other poets doing the same thing.  Some I love, some I don’t get. It’s an opportunity to connect with other poets out there who put themselves out here in cyberspace meeting this challenge, doing the prompts, jumping into their own thing.  It astounds me how many poets are out here writing away, speaking to some place within themselves that needs to be laid out in words.  It’s quite amazing.

I thank you all who visit us, and I thank all of us who share ourselves here.  Here goes my poetic ramble.  Below are photos of my trip to Germany.


A hall with many doors

The kind of doors you take

pictures of on holiday

Arched and scrolled

Massive, darkly carved

Fairy doors, church doors,

None desrcript doors

against what demands


Doors that welcome

Doors that forebode

Doors that beg you

make entrance

down this hall

on this quiet walk.

This isn’t for camera

ready in the photo

journal journey.

Not this naked hallway

with these crazy ass

doors making demands

for you to pick one only one

cause your next life depends

on it.  In your breathing in

and out in the silent death

of.. your what might be next.

Hoping for some sound

to emanate behind that pressed

ear of yours at that rather

ornate doors to your left.

Silence is what you get down

this hall, no whispers, no

haunting music, no giggles,

YOu and your breath on the

inhales and exhales deciding.

I don’t know about you,

I’m compelled to pick door

number ‘3’ toward the end of

the hall.  Sight un-seen

in that nice number ‘3’

I’m not quite there yet

I will be soon.




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One response to “DOORS… 28th day

  1. Some interesting doors here. Hope you find the right one for you:)
    I too have been on a poetry journey with Haiku for the month of April.


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